The idea for Vincente Verde came about when two friends were traveling through Italy. While waiting for a train in Milan, a discussion about the accessibility of higher quality vegan shoes started and they quickly agreed that the then current situation was not one where customers could make a smart, quality oriented, decision, when selecting a vegan footwear that was durable, used high-quality materials, and was manufactured with workers ethics as a top priority.

Finding ethically made men’s vegan shoes that appropriately balances quality, price and sustainability, while also meeting such buyers expectations, without breaking the bank, is still somewhat difficult. Greenwashing, and the apparent need to satisfy a broad range of consumers, greatly limits the offerings for men’s vegan shoes.

From that initial conversation, the goal was set to change this status quo. With the founding of Vincente Verde, the mission was set to make it easy for every man to find good vegan shoes. Established to be a modern brand, focused on simplicity and tradition, aiming to make classic, high-quality and highly durable, vegan products, Vincente Verde was established in 2018.


Starting with simple and elegant styles, made ethically and with impeccable attention to detail, this was the promise we made with every pair of Vincente Verde shoes. With a lot of work, research, and hard decisions, we felt comfortable saying our shoes are made for those who know what they want, and exactly what they want to achieve.

From our very early days, we demonstrated that this was possible. Modesty aside, we are suited to deliver the best experience with men’s vegan shoes you can have.


Made in Brazil, in a 100% vegan shoe factory, located within one of the biggest shoe manufacturing regions in the world, our products are hand made by skilled artisans. Inspired by classic Italian designs, with options ranging from casual to dress, providing you appropriate shoes whether you are looking for something for leisure or work, we aim to have options that fit your every need. Excellence, comfort, ethics and attention to detail, is what we strive to provide. From the conception of a new product, until it reaches our customers, wherever he is in the world, we aim to impress.

Aiming high with our ambitions, we hope to inspire you with our mission, so that you can also aim to be the best version of yourself!